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August 5, 2014,

I liked to read books….lot’s of them. I got hooked when my 15 year old daughter read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Damn that Katniss and her spunky spirit. I have read many more similar books since then, probably thousands of them. I have been all over the map genre wise. I started out in Dystopia land, then moved into paranormal land, then moved into action land and now I just read stuff, that looks good. I read in another blog on the Huffington Post, that eventually the reading gear will turn the writing gear, and for me it has.

So I’m sitting in my office inside a concrete building doing my tech writing, because that’s what I do for my day job, and I’m thinking, you know…I could write a book. So I talk to some people. People who even published and they give me some links and I just start writing. So I set up this blog site. I set up a facebook account, a Google + account, and a twitter account so when I get big, like J.K. Rawling with my legions of book fans I got it covered….(yea right). I’m just hoping my book sees the light of day and makes to the actual and virtual (e-book) shelves. So I have managed to friend two friends on facebook and my wife and daughter who are even as I type this blog post, laughing at my bio photo and adding more presentable face book photos to me with the same frequency as 20 mm  rotary cannon. I kid you not, I’m getting photos every 2 seconds. I managed to garner 1 twitter follower from work, and I think it’s because he accidentally followed me but hey I’ll take it. I got two locked in the Google + account (yes from work), hey gotta start with the friends and family and build the base.

So to date I’ve begun researching the road to publishing, looking at getting an ISBN, two actually for a print and e-book, reading writing tip blogs, and working on the book. I will tell you all more about this later. I welcome any hints, tips, tricks, and comments to help me along this journey, and if you want you can come on it with me too. So this is for it now I will write back on here soon. If you see this blog, then thank you for stopping by and be sure to drop in occasionally.


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